The six lectures in this course provide a thorough understanding of the story of Israel's founding, beginning with WWI and the British Mandate, as well as the legal foundation of every country in the Middle East, including Israel. In addition, you'll gain critical insight into the ongoing Jihadist opposition to the Jewish State, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and hope for a more peaceful Middle East offered through the recent Abraham Accords. The "History of Israel" course will help anyone longing for a deeper understanding of the significance of the rebirth of modern Israel and the intensity of the opposition to the existence of the Jewish State.

Dr. Susan Michael

Director, ICEJ USA

Often called upon to address complex and sensitive issues such as antisemitism, Jewish-Christian relations, and the biblical basis for Christian support of Israel to a diverse range of audiences, Susan was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws by Piedmont International University in 2018.

Dr. John Swails

Director, Center for Israel & Middle East Studies, Oral Roberts University

Dr. Swails has an AB, MA, and PhD in history from the University of Georgia and an MA in Near East studies from Brandeis University. He began teaching at Oral Roberts University (ORU) in 1993 and has been the director of ORU's Center for Israel and Middle East Studies since 2008. Dr. Swails is unapologetic in his support and enthusiasm for Israel.