The five-course Introduction to Israel Certificate program explores the history of the Jewish people, the founding of the State of Israel, antisemitism, Jewish-Christian relations, modern Israel, and more. Students who complete the course will gain a deeper, biblical understanding of the irrevocable calling on the Jewish people, understand key periods of the history of the Jewish people, explore the tragic history of Christian engagement with Israel and how that is changing, and understand the pervasive evil of antisemitism and where it exists today. Above all, students will learn the miracle and controversy surrounding the State of Israel and be better equipped when dialoguing with others about critical Israel-related topics. Students who complete all five courses will receive an official certificate of completion.
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After completing the Introduction to Israel

Certificate Program, you will:

➤ Better understand why the Jewish people are central to God's story of redemption
➤ Have a broad understanding of the history of ancient and modern Israel
Explore the history of antisemitism, what Christian antisemitism is, and what antisemitism looks like today
➤ Study the Jewish roots of Christianity and how Christians and Jews are learning to relate today—and why this is critical for the hour in which we live
➤ See how the Holocaust shook Christianity's credibility
➤ Learn about modern Israel's government, politics, and religious diversity
➤ Marvel at modern Israel's impact on innovation and how it is fulfilling her call to be a light to the nations
➤ And more

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